Red Nut



A 2-player shooter arena with wrecked rodents
Game made during a 1-month game jam about shooter games (CNAM ENJMIN)

Game & Level Designer

  • Design of the mechanics
  • Design of the different weapons available
  • Game Design documents
  • Level Design of the arena
  • Balancing


About the game

Play a cute racoon or a small squirrel addicted to nicotine and kill anything that moves to retrieve cigarettes. Pick up new weapons, beat the bosses and get cancer!

The project is a game jam made in one month on the theme “Shooter”. We chose to make an arena shooter based on an urban myth: in some parks, squirrels pick cigarette butts left by hikers. They get addicted to nicotine and start to attack people to steal their cigarettes.


iTQb2rThe two characters available and all the enemies and boss of the game.


ZVbYsnThe different aspect of the racoon character, the more you pick cigarets, drugs and candies, the more you are wrecked.




An interactive installation, Tablet (Android)
Student project made in less than a week

Game & Narrative Designer

The unique interaction between the public and the project was to scratch a layer of “dirt” on the screen and discover a full mural painting. The player can move on the mural painting by sliding his/her finger on the screen. The point was to build an environmental narration in cooperation with the 2 Graphic Artists.

Scheme of the different areas.


About the game

You are an archaeologist in the near future. The museum’s collections are open to you and you found this artifact, a tablet, in a wood box. Discover the hidden fate of this ancient nation…

The public has to scratch a « dirt layer » to discover an ancient mural painting. It was made during a visual design session. We were trying to make a landscape and an « untold story » with different expressions like « a hairs desert », « a screens mountain », etc. PreOrder was made in less than one week for a class work.

preorder-repro10The experience was presented the tablet on a wood box made for the occasion, on a sort-of museum column.


Player stands in front of the artifact to interact with, scratching the dirt layer.


preorder-fresquePart of the painting you can discover.