Gai Mover


A cuddly game, PC
Game made in a jam weekend full of love.

Game & Level Designer

  • Design the main features (cowork)
  • Level Design (cowork)

About the game

In the middle of a haters demonstration, you are here to spread happiness and love to people. Make your happy crowd grow and make your way to the head of the procession!

Gai Mover is a game made by happy Enjmin Students in France during the ENJAM (annual ENJMIN game jam between 1st and 2nd years master students).


Capture d_écran (8)Capture d_écran (15)Capture d_écran (9)Capture d_écran (10)Capture d_écran (12)Capture d_écran (14)

This game is made by a team of different social or ethnic origin, gender identity, sexual orientation people and some of us even like pineapple on pizzas.