Metaphora: the Moonycat Quest, Metaphora Entertainment


Solo Adventure, PC/Console
In development

🏆 Best PC/Console game Award, Game Connection
🏆 Most promising IP Award, Game Connection
🏆 Excellence in Art Award, Game Connection

Level Designer | August 2019 – December 2019

  • Concept and technical documentation for requested levels
  • Drawing maps (Illustrator & Photoshop)
  • Block-out of different levels in Unreal Engine 4


Narrative missions

  • Writing of a full sequencer of the entire game experience
  • Adaptation and integration of in-game dialogs based on a dialog script

Documentations on request.


About the game

Developer: Metaphora Entertainment


In a world on the brink of perdition, the Moonycat, last-born and last of his kind, has to fight an invincible pandemic that threatens the world.

Aided in his quest by a heart of a star named LUX, the heroes will lift te veil of mystery that floats on the past of Metaphora and the disappearance of the Moonycats.

LUX will be the key to save METAPHORA and make the planet blossom again.

Solo co-op adventure

Play two characters, the MOONYCAT and LUX, that you can switch anytime, anywhere. With their different and complementary set skills and abilities, their cooperation is essential to complete quests and progress into the story.

Explore the world

Lead a journey into the unknown as you explore a dying planet and unravel the mysteries that floats on the past of METAPHORA and the disappearance of the MOONYCATS.

Control the GEOPODS with LUX

GEOPODS compose the fauna of METAPHORA. These crazy little creatures, obsessed with seeds, will help you to solve puzzles and fight the DARKSEED.

Save the world from the pandemic

Use LUX to fight the DARKSEED, decontaminate infected areas and make METAPHORA blossom again.


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