2017, Portfolio, School & Personal Projects

Deadly Riff

Role: Original idea (with C.Rondeau), Game & Level Designer

A rhythm n’ versus game.

Duration: 2 months (work in progress)

Deadly Riff is a versus game taking its origins in the Arcade world. Each player embodies a guitarist, standing on a zodiac hold by a crowd. By keeping the rhythm and playing notes at the right timing, the player can attack his opponent and hope to make him fall of his zodiac raft.

Initially, the project was planned to be streamed on Twitch. Deadly Riff gives to viewers the opportunity to take action during the game, like a real concert crowd, via keywords causing special actions (ex: flying beers, broken string for one of the player, etc).

My job: I came with the idea of a rhythm and versus game with the developer. With a composer and a graphist, we’ve made a first prototype for the Airconsole Developers contest in less than a month. I set the main mechanics and the design of the game. On the 2017 summer, we add three more people to our project. For this desktop version, I was responsible for the general game design and the level design/mapping of the songs. I used a version of Editor on Fire (Custom Forge) to map the music.





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