Vampire: The Masquerade – Swansong, Big Bad Wolf


Narrative RPG, Investigation, PC/Console
In development
Release date: May 2022

Based on the tabletop RPG license Vampire: The Masquerade.

Quest & Level Designer | January 2020 – Present

  • Quest concept and technical documentation for the quests
  • Level Design documentation
  • Block-out level design in Unreal Engine 4
  • Scripting of the quest in Unreal Engine 4

I participated in a series of interviews on the quest and level design aspects of the game and on the characters.

About the game

Developer: Big Bad Wolf

Vampire: The Masquerade – Swansong is a narrative-driven, single-player role-playing video game in which the player controls three vampires with different vampiric disciplines (abilities),switching between them over the course of the game. The player can customize the characters by choosing to upgrade their disciplines and character statistics to suit their preferred playstyle; this influences character interaction and skills used while exploring the game world, such as picking locks and hacking computer terminals. Throughout the game, the characters are put in difficult situations where the player has to make moral choices.

The story is set in Boston, in the World of Darkness, where vampires exist unbeknownst to humanity – the vampiric practice called the Masquerade, which is upheld by the vampire sect the Camarilla. There, the new Camarilla Prince Hazel Iversen is trying to strengthen the Camarilla’s presence by bringing Boston and Hartford together. The story follows three vampires from different vampire clans with differing views on the Camarilla’s rule, who investigate conspiracies in Boston following a shootout, starting with who ordered the attack and why.


Metaphora: the Moonycat Quest, Metaphora Entertainment


Solo Adventure, PC/Console
In development

🏆 Best PC/Console game Award, Game Connection
🏆 Most promising IP Award, Game Connection
🏆 Excellence in Art Award, Game Connection

Level Designer | August 2019 – December 2019

  • Concept and technical documentation for requested levels
  • Drawing maps (Illustrator & Photoshop)
  • Block-out of different levels in Unreal Engine 4


Narrative missions

  • Writing of a full sequencer of the entire game experience
  • Adaptation and integration of in-game dialogs based on a dialog script

Documentations on request.


About the game

Developer: Metaphora Entertainment


In a world on the brink of perdition, the Moonycat, last-born and last of his kind, has to fight an invincible pandemic that threatens the world.

Aided in his quest by a heart of a star named LUX, the heroes will lift te veil of mystery that floats on the past of Metaphora and the disappearance of the Moonycats.

LUX will be the key to save METAPHORA and make the planet blossom again.

Solo co-op adventure

Play two characters, the MOONYCAT and LUX, that you can switch anytime, anywhere. With their different and complementary set skills and abilities, their cooperation is essential to complete quests and progress into the story.

Explore the world

Lead a journey into the unknown as you explore a dying planet and unravel the mysteries that floats on the past of METAPHORA and the disappearance of the MOONYCATS.

Control the GEOPODS with LUX

GEOPODS compose the fauna of METAPHORA. These crazy little creatures, obsessed with seeds, will help you to solve puzzles and fight the DARKSEED.

Save the world from the pandemic

Use LUX to fight the DARKSEED, decontaminate infected areas and make METAPHORA blossom again.


Snowtopia, Tea for two

Ski resort management game, PC
Early Access: Q4 2019
Open Alpha available here

Game Designer | April 2019 – September 2019 (6 months)

  • Systems Design (skiers core systems, research/upgrades/skills tree)
  • Work jointly on the core mechanics of the game (building lifts and drawing trails)
  • Complete already existing Design Documents and specify the functioning of the different features
  • Write Design Documents for the new features
  • Balance the newly designed and implemented features
  • Search for real-world references and facts about the different features available on the game
  • Prepare the next game design and UI updates with the main programmer and graphist
  • Retro-engineering on management games

Documentations on request.








About the game

Developer: Tea for two

Design the perfect ski resort

Build ski runs and lifts, improve the resort and manage the workforce to attract ski lovers of all kind. Will you create a charming village or concrete blocks? That’s up to you!

Satisfy challenging visitors

The success of your station relies on the well-being of visitors. Choose wisely the ones you want to attract and keep them happy!

Enjoy the surrounding mountains

Surrounded by stunning landscapes, take a break and enjoy the view. Snowtopia is a feelgood game that immerses you in a wintry and cheerful spirit.


FC5, Sherman Island (WIP)

This is a work in progress. 


Level Design practice
Far Cry 5 editor (Dunia Engine)


  • Work with the Far Cry 5 editor
  • Pacing, framing, and navigation
  • Use the scripting tools
  • Build a mansion with several rooms and possible encounters
  • Build a fully playable level


Level Overview

Game Mode: Bounty Hunt
Objective: Find your primary targets, kill them and escape the island.
TPS, Stealth.

I’ve wanted to train the Far Cry 5 editor which is a great tool for Level Design and script training. I’ve started to write the main goals and places of interest in the level. After that, I begin to draw different maps and layouts. How many different paths for the player? How to reward exploration and stealth? Then I jump into the editor to test a few things, starting with the global shape of the island. I draw the main roads/pathways, put the major volumes and obstacles and test it. If it’s too long, I reshape the island.  After the global shapes are done, I work section by section. The spawn point is at the top north of the island so I place 2 basics knives and a health pack for the player (Player starts the level without any weapon). I tested different positions and orientations for the first enemy encounter to allow the player to kill him easily but yet keep this dangerous/stormy/stressful atmosphere. Once this first section is done, I move to the next one. At each step I test the full level: how does it work between sections? Is it too long? Did the player can constantly know where to go?
I run some tests with the wanted weather (stormy and foggy) to check on visibility and objectives.

Walkthrough & Macro Nodes

  1. Pick-up weapons and health pack
  2. First enemy
  3. Group of enemies
  4. Use the quad to get to the mansion
  5. OR find the hidden turret
  6. OR Use the cliffs to approach the mansion
  7. Break in the mansion & kill the targets
  8. Escape the island


Macro Nodes


Screenshots from the player view




Greyblock process

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First Paper Designs & Layouts


Moodboard for architecture, lighting, and atmosphere

UE4, Public Baths


Level Design practice
Unreal Engine 4.21


  • Grayblocking with BSP on Unreal Engine 4
  • Pacing, framing, and global shapes
  • Simple Blueprints (Water material, Emissive material, trigger & door, dialogs system, simple interaction)
  • Rought lighting/textures


Level Overview

Objective: Find your target and steal his keycard.
Action/Adventure, TPS, 3D fictional game.

I started this level to train my level design skills on UE4. The project is simple: a grayblock level with simple shapes, the first layout of lighting (guiding the player’s eyes) and some textures and materials to help to visualize the level. I draw different maps and layouts of the level I want to create, with the different paths and basic shapes for obstacles and walls. I build it step by step in Unreal Engine 4, starting with global volumes than adding main ways and architectural guidelines. I test my map multiple times to assure the different ways, objectives, and options are clear. Details and smaller blocks are added on this first base. Lighting is an essential tool to guide the player, I set some basic lights in the level.


Walkthrough Video


General map

Top down map


Walkthrough & Macro Nodes

  1. Enter the baths
    The player begins at the reception of the baths. As the VIP area is a forbidden place, he/she has to enter through the main way, after the lockers. This is the first place visited by the player and he/she can already different size NPCs around the place (it’s a sci-fi lore, there’re a lot of species besides humans). Following a large stair, the player arrives at the main baths.
  2. Talk to the bartender
    Directly in front of the lockers’ stair, the player can see the first objective: an available NPC at the bar, behind the giant rocket engine used for the steam. The player crosses the first part of the baths to talk to the bartender, an old friend. The bartender gives the player the quest objective (steal the keycard!) and some information (the target is in the VIP area).
  3. Unlock the maintenance corridor
    Once the objective is given, the player can walk across the baths and try to reach the second area, the VIP one. Guards are blocking the way in. A small maintenance corridor exists at the extreme right of the baths. To unlock the corridor, the player has to go upstairs, on the walkways, using a large stair near the bar. After a brief exploration, the player uses the control switch to open the maintenance corridor, a short ladder allows the player to reach the corridor from here.
  4. Find your target
    At the end of the corridor, the player has to push some box and stuff stocked here. He/she has now a global view of the VIP baths. The VIP exit isn’t available until the player has reached the objective (steal the keycard). From this perspective, the player can see the private baths, and one of them is more lit than the other ones. The main target (a local mafioso) of the player is in this private room. Unfortunately, there’re guards protecting the occupied private baths. The player has to find an available and under repair bath. A trapdoor is opened in the bottom of the empty bath, the player uses the ladder below to pass one floor down (to the basement).
  5. Go to the basement
    A dark corridor links all those under-baths-passages and goes along private baths. It allows the player to get close his/her enemy and to listen to the target speaking with someone, revealing where the keycard is (with a henchman on the bleachers at the back of the VIP area). Following the basement corridor and visual repairs, the player arrives at the back of the VIP area, below the bleachers.
  6. Steal the keycard
    Following the under corridor, the player will arrive at the end of the VIP area, behind the large bleachers. After climbing behind those bleachers, the player can steal the keycard near the henchmen sit here.
  7. Leave the place
    Once the keycard is stolen, the player has 2 choices: continue to explore the basement and discover a hidden trap door or turn back and get out of the basement by the same way he/she has arrived. Once on the main floor, the way is clear to leave the VIP area through the VIP exit.

Macro Nodes


Flow of the level

Baths Flowchart


Screenshots from the player view

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Key elements to guide the player

Line of sight




Greyblock process

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First Paper Design & Layouts



Moodboard for architecture, lighting, and atmosphere

This map takes place in a fictional TPS sci-fi game. Those public baths are common into big cities and spaceport on the ground (planet or moon). The baths are generally built in the buildings’ basements. It’s a mix of rusty metallic architecture and big ponds of water. Clients can be humans and other alien races, installations are adapted to them. An old rocket engine is used to create the heat and the steam for the whole installation. Recycling part of ships is common in this universe. A garbage space lore. 🚀

Unannounced projects, Smart Tale

Narrative Survival Game, Mobile
Racing Game, Mobile
Deck Building Game, PC & Consoles
Release date: ???

Narrative & Game Designer (Intern)

  • Design brand new IPS for the studio
  • Retro-engineering on narrative games and deckbuilding/roguelike games
  • Design of the main features for a survival game and a narrative game
  • Design of the main features for a deckbuilding/roguelike game
  • Narrative systems and dynamic contents writing and design (branching dialogs, event system)
  • High-level Level Design briefs and design
  • Worlds and lores creation
  • Management
  • Game concepts writing

I worked on 2 main projects for Smart Tale and write several game concepts and concept iterations for the studio. I was the main Game Designer of Smart Tale and in charge of managing the 2D Graphist and the main prototype development with two other developers. Both of the projects were on the pre-production/concept period.

Some examples of the mockups I made for Smart Tale


Some of the narrative contents I made for Smart Tale


Some examples of the documents I made for Smart Tale

Some documents are blurred out of respect for the studio and the concerned people.

Smart Tale website

Gear.Club Unlimited 2, Eden Games


Racing game, Nintendo Switch
Release date: Q4 2018

Game Designer (Intern)

  • Design a brand new menu (Career Menu)
  • Redesign the flow and the navigation through different menus (flow charts, powerpoints)
  • Localization of the new menus
  • Join an on-production team with their specifics tools (Jira, Wiki, Unity add-ons and Perforce) on an existent IP

Some examples of the mockups I made for GCU2


Some examples of the flowcharts I made for GCU2

About the game

Developer: Eden Games
Publisher: Microïds

This new entry to the series will have you racing along on more than 1800 miles (almost 3000km) of roads on mountainsides, through nature parks, in the middle of the desert, and along the coast. Featuring more than 250 races, including championships, missions and challenges, the game will allow to go behind the wheel of more than 50 licensed cars from the world’s most famous manufacturers, such as the Porsche 718 Boxster, 918 Spyder, 911 GT2RS, Dodge Viper, Lotus 3-Eleven or McLaren 720s.


Work-In-Progress images

Unannounced project, Eden Games

Mockup Ingame 1.8

Racing game, Mobile
Release date: ???

Game Designer (Intern)

  • Design a new IP based on the strengths of the studio
  • Retro-engineering of successful mobile games
  • Design of several game formats
  • Ingame economy
  • Lootbox system
  • Different ranking systems
  • Design of a shop and a skills tree
  • Design the acquisition of a new public, not already conquered by Gear.Club 
  • Design features for the retention and monetization of the game
  • Flow and navigation through the application

I was the only Game Designer fully assigned to this project. I’ve participated in several meetings with producers and potential publishers, including a full presentation of the concept to a Millenial Esports team, visiting the French studio.


Some examples of the mockups I made for this project


Some examples of the flowcharts I made for this project

About the game

Developer: Eden Games & Smart Tale
Publisher: ???

Eden Games website
Smart Tale website

Kaiju Snap


VR Drone Pilot Game, PC
Student project (CNAM ENJMIN), 4 months of a vertical slice production

Level & Narrative Designer

  • General flow in the game
  • Level Design of big areas (being aware of the VR drone controls challenges, greybox/blockout, drawing maps and schemes)
  • Lore and characters creation
  • Storytelling, storyboarding
  • Dialogs writing
  • Voice casting and voice direction during recordings
  • Writing and design the drafts of the next episodes (Episodic model)

I came on this project with a double role, Level and Narrative Designer. On the first week, I set a “typical Kaiju Snap experience” model with a storyboard and some key points presentation. With the basic ideas given with the pitch, I structure those elements on a first scenario and keys elements for the game experience.
Starting there, I worked in collaboration with the Game Designer of the project on the creation of a vertical slice, representative of our game. I used excel tabs (challenges and elements repartition), maps with multiples layers and legends, powerpoint/google slide presentations, storyboard, design posters (One Page Design) and rough Unreal scenes (greybox/blockout). I mixed Rational Level Design with a more systemic approach of the world and level building. I also designed some guidelines for our episodic model and wrote summaries of scenario and gameplay elements of the following episodes.

Our entire Game Design Document is available here: Kaiju Snap GDD.
Besides some introducing texts and resume, I wrote the following sections, available in smaller pdf here:
Narrative Content (Character, Scenario, Universe)
World Design (Map, Tracking Zones, Specific Sequences)
– Gameplay Progression (Gameplay Mechanics, Experience Duration, Environmental Progression, Difficulty Curve)
– Level Design (Rules, General Description, Low-Level Design)

Demo – Gameplay Video

A rough map of the vertical slice I draw. to have a general idea of the level layout, the Kaiju and the drone paths.


pastedImage0Blockout I made for our vertical slice, water levels, stream, and creature movement spline were added at the same time.


With this blockout, I draw different maps to compile informations (scripts, vegetation type, water levels, flooding/current direction…)


Blockout for a test scene (scales between the Kaiju and its environment, simple movement splines)


kaiju storyboardStoryboard of the entire sequence of the previous test scene (environment, scripts, Kaiju behavior)


IslandMapDetailsAndPathGeneral map of the 1st island I draw to set the different places, with the path the player will follow during this episode.


Kaiju Snap DialogsDialogs I wrote for this vertical slice.


One Poster DesignOne Page Design I made for this 1st episode.


About the game

A journalist duo sends a drone to an archipelago formerly used as a nuclear test site. Their goal is to find evidences of a unique environment to classify as world heritage. But they found a giant and totally unknown creature…

Kaiju snap is a solo game where you take control of a drone using your preferred VR headset and a game controller. You use the drone to take pictures of the fauna and flora. In this game you have a documentary approach to your objectives: you are here with a specific mission to fill, take pictures of a unique wildlife. We set the game on two important pillars: Marvel and Control. Our core gameplay is taking pictures of fauna and flora of the island while searching for some hints of the presence of a giant a mysterious beast. Those hints lead the player to specifics zones where he/she can encounter the creature and take photographies of it.



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