Snowtopia, Tea for two

Ski resort management game, PC
Early Access: Q4 2019
Open Alpha available here

Game Designer

  • Systems Design (skiers core systems, research/upgrades/skills tree)
  • Work jointly on the core mechanics of the game (building lifts and drawing trails)
  • Complete already existing Design Documents and specify the functioning of the different features
  • Write Design Documents for the new features
  • Search for real-world references and facts about the different features available on the game
  • Prepare the next game design and UI updates with the main programmer and graphist
  • Retro-engineering on management games








About the game

Developer: Tea for two

Design the perfect ski resort

Build ski runs and lifts, improve the resort and manage the workforce to attract ski lovers of all kind. Will you create a charming village or concrete blocks? That’s up to you!

Satisfy challenging visitors

The success of your station relies on the well-being of visitors. Choose wisely the ones you want to attract and keep them happy!

Enjoy the surrounding mountains

Surrounded by stunning landscapes, take a break and enjoy the view. Snowtopia is a feelgood game that immerses you in a wintry and cheerful spirit.