FC5, Sherman Island (WIP)

This is a work in progress. 


Level Design practice
Far Cry 5 editor (Dunia Engine)


  • Work with the Far Cry 5 editor
  • Pacing, framing, and navigation
  • Use the scripting tools
  • Build a mansion with several rooms and possible encounters
  • Build a fully playable level


Level Overview

Game Mode: Bounty Hunt
Objective: Find your primary targets, kill them and escape the island.
TPS, Stealth.

I’ve wanted to train the Far Cry 5 editor which is a great tool for Level Design and script training. I’ve started to write the main goals and places of interest in the level. After that, I begin to draw different maps and layouts. How many different paths for the player? How to reward exploration and stealth? Then I jump into the editor to test a few things, starting with the global shape of the island. I draw the main roads/pathways, put the major volumes and obstacles and test it. If it’s too long, I reshape the island.  After the global shapes are done, I work section by section. The spawn point is at the top north of the island so I place 2 basics knives and a health pack for the player (Player starts the level without any weapon). I tested different positions and orientations for the first enemy encounter to allow the player to kill him easily but yet keep this dangerous/stormy/stressful atmosphere. Once this first section is done, I move to the next one. At each step I test the full level: how does it work between sections? Is it too long? Did the player can constantly know where to go?
I run some tests with the wanted weather (stormy and foggy) to check on visibility and objectives.

Walkthrough & Macro Nodes

  1. Pick-up weapons and health pack
  2. First enemy
  3. Group of enemies
  4. Use the quad to get to the mansion
  5. OR find the hidden turret
  6. OR Use the cliffs to approach the mansion
  7. Break in the mansion & kill the targets
  8. Escape the island


Macro Nodes


Screenshots from the player view




Greyblock process

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First Paper Designs & Layouts


Moodboard for architecture, lighting, and atmosphere