This is a work in progress, I publish updates and pictures of the project periodically on my twitter account. All the following pictures and gifs aren’t finished.


Level Design practice
Unreal Engine 4.21


  • Grayblocking with BSP on Unreal Engine
  • Pacing and global shapes
  • Simple Blueprints (Water material, Emissive material, trigger & door)
  • Rought lighting/textures

Objective of the map: Find your target and steal his pass.
First, the player has to talk to the bartender, an old friend. He’ll mess up with the steam system, allowing the player to navigate easily around the guards. After unlocking a door, the player can pass through a maintenance corridor to access the VIP part of the baths, where the target is. As the target is in his own private bath, protected by guards, the player will go into the nearby bath and pass one floor down (the basement). The corridor goes along private baths and allows the player to listen to the target speaking with someone, revealing where the pass is. Following the under corridor, the player will arrive at the end of the VIP area, behind the large bleachers. After climbing behind those bleachers, the player can steal the pass in the pocket on one of the people sit here.

I started this level to train my level design skills on UE4. The project is simple: a grayblock level with simple shapes, the first layout of lighting (guiding the player’s eyes) and some textures and materials to help to visualize and to project into the level. I draw different maps and layouts of the level I want to create, with the different paths and basic shapes for obstacles and walls. I build it step by step in Unreal Engine 4, starting with global volumes than adding main ways and architectural guidelines. I test my map multiple times to assure the different ways, objectives, and options are clear. Details and smaller blocks are added on this first base. Lighting is an essential tool to guide the player, I set some basic lights in the level.


Second room (VIP area) and basement, 12/14/2018


First room and its metallic footbridges than maintenance corridor, 12/05/2018



Current top view of the map



Arriving on the main area, clear view on the first objective (NPC)



Main area of the baths



Main area +1 floor and its footbridges



Second room, VIP area of the baths


cap28 guidelines

How the guidelines and lighting help the player to find the objective in the second room


First drawings of the map and its layouts


Moodboard for architecture, lighting, and atmosphere

This map takes place in a sci-fi world. Those public baths are common into big cities and spaceport on the ground (planet or moon). The baths are generally built in the buildings’ basements. It’s a mix of rusty metallic architecture and big ponds of water. Clients can be humans and other alien races, installations are adapted to them. An old rocket engine is used to create the heat and the steam for the whole installation. Recycling part of ships is common in this universe. I like to call it a garbage space lore.